By Chijioke Emole Echeme Emole*
Isu reimagines the Afropolitan journey as a search for a place where Africans and the Diaspora call home.
“Amazon started with selling books, Afropolitan started with throwing parties.” We created Afropolitan in 2016 as an organization that catered to the…
The first-ever internet country
The Power of Connectivity with Adia Sowho (CMO of MTN Nigeria)Listen now (48 min) | Quote: “I often say to people that you want to be careful how you challenge yourself. You don't want to change too many things at…
Introducing Afropolitan: A Digital Nation With Eche Emole & Chika Uwazie.Listen now | Afropolitan is creating a digital nation to enable Africans and the diaspora to build abundant lives. Our history as Africans is one of…
Introducing: Afropolitan Season 2Listen now (1 min) | Hi I'm Eche, co-founder of Afropolitan and host of the Afropolitan Podcast, In this new season I’m excited to share what we’ve been…
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